Name: Nickster
Year of Birth: 2012
Color: Grey
Height: 15.0 hh
Weight: 1200 lbs
Owner: Chelsea Driedger
Phone: (204) 851-0331
Standing At: Virden, Manitoba
Semen: Shipped Canada and the US
Incentive Eligibility: C-N Futurity, CBHI, CBHI SS, JJ Classic, VGBRA and Western Fortunes

Nickster: LTE $10,000.00 in 3 months of Barrel Racing competition, won the first go at the 2016 Sandcup Futurity and finished 6th in the average, 5th place in the Lance Graves Pro Classic Consolation Race, rodeo money earner, 2nd Canadian Classic – Heading.

Sire: As Good As Nick Gets (Dr Nick Bar x Mystical Avenger by Staunch Avenger) Finalist at the BFA World Championship Barrel Futurity, Lazy E Barrel Futurity, Cowboy Time Barrel Futurity and WPRA money earner. Full brother to siblings with $200,000+ LTE in Barrel Racing.

Dam: Auntie M (Dash Ta Fame x Fizzez Show Girl by Lanes Leinster) Full sister to Runnen Red Lites AAA, LTE $100,000+ in Barrel Racing, Phame LTE $63,000, Hip E LTE $44,000 and KR Silver Spur $30,000+. Fizzez Show Girl’s offspring earnings in excess of $200,000

Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CDN, $975.00 USD, Includes first shipment, $350.00 for additional shipments. LFG
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Notable Achievements:

Nickster: LTE $10,000.00, won the first go at the 2016 Sandcup Futurity and finished 6th in the average, 5th place in the Lance Graves Pro Classic Consolation Race, rodeo money earner, 2nd Canadian Classic – Heading.


2023 Pending-Flits Mighty Bar
2023 Pending-Aspecial Merridoc
2023 Pending- Just Another Rey
2023 Pending-Frenchmans Doll
2023 Pending-Famous French Lady
2023 Pending-Miss Olena Jo
2023 Pending- Zoomin Zena
2023 Pending-Spoonfuls Sweet Doll
2023 Pending-J Lorraine
2023 Pending-About To Be Famous
2023 Redhot N Turbocharged
2022 Pending-First Down Dee Dee
2022 Pending-Dashers Double Frost
2022 Pending-Frenchmans Doll
2022 Pending-Docsfrenchcharm

2022 Pending-Faiths Firefamelane
2022 Pending-Haidalenaspeppybabe
2022 Pending-Judge Spice
2022 Pending-JXL Bella Rio
2022 Pending-Pepinics Moon Chic

2022 Pending-RCK Guy Daisy Rose
2022 Pending-Sahara Bugs Kash
2021 Pending-Chickashas Gin
2021 Pending-CR Okey Attitude
2021 Pending-Dashers Double Frost
2021 Pending-First Down Deedee
2021 Pending-Happy Holiday Dude
2021 Pending-KRK Goldmine
2021 Pending-Master Of The Moon
2021 Pending-Merry A Frenchman
2021 Pending-Miss Skeened Gun
2021 Pending-Pepinics Moon Chic
2021 Pending-Really Flashy Sue
2021 Pending-Tesors Pica Pride
2021 Pending-Three To Six
2021 Pending-Waveonthewayby
A Babe In Nickers
A Good Nixon

A Nick Of Honor
As Good As Fame Gets

As Good As Mine
As Good As Payday
As Good As Winning

As Nick As It Gets
Bare Nickkid
BB Cotton Nickers
BB Roxy Roller

Buck Nickid

Cant Top Nick
Charge It To Nick
Chicks Dig Me Nicked

Chics Like Me Nickid
Coronas Last Nicker
Cotton Pikin Nickers
Crackin My Nickers

Cricket Got Nickkid
Dacs Agood Lazernick

Dancing Nickid
Dashin Nickid
DDD High Nicktane
Dr Dr Givem Da News
Dr Prickly
Dr Nick James

Eyem Knot Nickid
F R Eee K Knickers
Famous Judge Nick

Fancy Like Nick
Golden Kluster
GS Nicketa

Guys Want My Nickers
Heza Cool Whip
Heza Good Time

I Got The Honor
I Likem Buck Nickid

Im Yelling Timber

Ima Ten In Nickers
I Paint Them Nickid
Jessicas Nickie

JF Stevie Nickster
Knot My Nickers

Ladies I Have Bugs
Let Nick Be Da Judge
Lil Blue Wagon
Lion Nickid

Luv Her Nickers
May Nick Kiss Her
Miss Hawks
Miss Smiths Nick Kid
MPH Nics Lil Crime
My Dineros On Nick

Nasty Nickers
Nick Has Money Moves
Nick It Into Gear
Nick Hot Wired Me
Nick Ta Fame

Nicked By A Winner
Nicked By Gold
Nicked By Honor
Nicked By Dinero

Nickers In A Knot
Nickers On Hiatus
Nickid By Nine
Nickkid In The Field
Nickid On Arrival
Nickid On A Cactus
Nicknack Paddywack

Nicks A Tally Cat
Nicks Fame N Ritz

Nicks First Time
Nicks Golden Ticket
Nicks Got Your Six
Nicks In Paradise
Nicks King George
Nicks On The Money
Nicks Top Shelf
Nicksters Lil Jade
Nicksters Lil Virtue

Nicksters Perfect 1
Nicksters Shadow
Nics Perfect Arrgmnt

No Nickers
No Tire Nickers
Oh Flit Its A Nick
Oh Nicky You So Fine

Oheck Im Nickid
Paint Me Nicked

Pheebe Nicks
Poco Dot Nickers
Prickly Lil Nick
Racey Just Nicked It

Rednick Twist
Rockin These Nickers

Royal Rhythm
Samuel Elliot
Smart Lil Nicker
Smart Little Nickid

Snookin Inmy Nickers
Special Nickers
Task Ta Be Nickid
TC Holy Nickers
The Heart Dr
Times A Nickin
Times A Nicking
Too Busy For Nickers

Wandering Nickers
Wearin Fancy Nickers
Winkin At My Nickers

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