Ikes Black Drifter

New for 2021
2003 Homozygous Black, 15.1hh
Ikes Double Drift* x Kassie Peake (Lindsay Peake*)
Stallion Fee: $750.00 + GST + LFG

A Streak Of Fame KN

New for 2021
2008 Brown, 15.3 hh
Dash Ta Fame* x Streaked Silk (Streakin Six*)
Stallion Fee: $1,250.00 CAD + LFG (2-Year)

MP Hot Hayday

New for 2021
2016 Palomino, 15.1 hh
PC Frenchmans Hayday* x MP Nelle Wood (Lone Drifter*)
Stallion Fee: $1,200 CAD + LFG

Dash Made Me Blaze

New for 2021
2015 Sorrel, 15.1 hh
Blazing Jetolena* x Chicos Eye Opener (Dashin Chico*)
Stallion Fee: $750.00 CAD plus shipping + LFG

Fire For Fame

New for 2021
2011 Bay, 15.3 hh
Dash Ta Fame* x Incontrolofthefire (Fire Water Flit*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CAD plus $10/Day Mare Care + LFG

Aint Seen Nothin Yet

New for 2021
2008 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Frenchmans Guy* x Smart N Famous (Dash Ta Fame*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 USD for Frozen Semen stored in Canada, discounts to proven mares, multiple mares and producers

Famous Ta Fire

New for 2021
2019 Palomino,
Fire Water Flit* x CP Konea (Dash Ta Fame*)
Stallion Fee: TBA + LFG

A Streaking Hula

New for 2021
2015 Buckskin,
Frenchs Hula Guy* x DMO Streak A Brook (A Streak Of Fling*)
Stallion Fee: $900.00 CAD + LFG

Dash To The Arctic

New for 2021
2002 Bay, 15.3 hh
Holland Ease* x Arctic Silk (Runaway Winner*)
Stallion Fee: $950.00 CAD (2021) + LFG

PC Judging Bythe Sun

New for 2021
2016 Grey, 15.1 hh
Judge Cash* x PC Suntrific (Sun Frost*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CAD + LFG

Capton TJ

New for 2021
2007 Sorrel, 15.0 hh
Fredricksburg* x Adrianna (Takin On The Cash*)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty + LFG

Flit N Six Moons

New for 2020
2003 Chestnut, 14.3 hh
Marthas Six Moons* x Kippys Princess (Fire Water Flit*)
Stallion Fee: $500.00 CDN LFG

VF Final Corona

New for 2020
2012 Brown, 15.1 hh
Obsessed With Corona* x Shake Em Finale (Shake Em Open*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN

Little Lenaroo

New for 2020
2002 Sorrel, 14.3 hh
Gallo Del Cielo* x A Smart Little Girl (Smart Little Lena*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN + LFG

Blackgold Jack

New for 2020
2009 Bay, 14.3 hh
Dash Ta Fame* x RTR Sliding Heels (Easy Rumbo*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 + LFG

Frenchmans Buck

New for 2020
1999 Buckskin, 15.1 hh
Frenchmans Guy* x Poco San Dancer (Poco Lenata San)
Stallion Fee: $800.00 CDN $150 collection fee plus shipping + LFG

RNJ Heckofafrenchman

New for 2020
2001 Palomino, 14.3 hh
Frenchmans Guy* x Jae Bar Hilda (Docs Cinch Bet*)
Stallion Fee: $1500.00 + LFG

KK Secret Magic

New for 2020
2010 Sorrel, 15.2 hh
No Secrets Here* x Magic Perry (Mr Jess Perry*)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty + LFG

TJ Jumpin Jac Frost

New for 2020
2006 Sorrel with white hair throughout & a coon tail, 14.3 hh
Shiney Men Can Jump x Ms Sandy Jack (Docs Jack Frost*)
Stallion Fee: $800.00 CAD + LFG

Jets Honored Bully (Appendix)

New for 2020
2009 Bay, 15.1HH
Bully Bullion* x Wego Bunny Jet (Jet Of Honor*)
Stallion Fee: $750 CAD + LFG

Holla Famer

New for 2020
2009 Chestnut, 15.2 hh
Dash Ta Fame* x KPS Pockets Of Fire (Fire Water Flit*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 + LFG

Hes A Zippy Jack

New for 2020
2006 Buckskin, 15.2 hh
Drifter Paddy x Shes A Tough Tyree (Tyree Jack)
Stallion Fee: $800.00 CDN LFG


New for 2020
2009 Bay, 15 hh
A Streak Of Fling* x Miss Baroness Red (Mr Baron Red*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 plus $200.00 chute fee CAD + LFG (2 year)

Mr Red Rock Leo Bar

New for 2020
1997 Chestnut, 15 hh
Flit O Flit* x Ms Crissy Time (Super Half Time*)
Stallion Fee: $1000 CAD + LFG

Sugar Moon Eclipse

New for 2020
2009 Sorrel, 15.3 hh
As Good As Nick Gets x Babys Blue Jeans (Six Fols)
Stallion Fee: $3500.00 CAD LFG-rebreed must be used the following breeding season

Bullet Thru Traffic

New for 2020
2008 Bay, 16.0 + HH
Dash Thru Traffic* x Silver Bullet Day (Calyx*)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty

Frenchmans Fuego

New for 2020
2012 Bay, 15.1 hh
Frenchmans Guy* x Gracie Under Fire (Fire Water Flit*)
Stallion Fee: $1000 CAD + LFG

Judges Last Toll

New for 2020
2017 Gray, 14.3 hh
Judge Cash* x Ima Kelly Bug* (Darkelly*)
Stallion Fee: $750 + $100 booking-fee

Dually Cat

New for 2020
2006 Chestnut, 14.2 hh
High Brow Cat* x Smoking Dually (Dual Pep*)
Stallion Fee: $1200.00 CAD + Booking Fee

Caught A Wink

New for 2020
2005 Sorrel, 15.1 hh
Caught Me Lookin* x Unwinkable (Lark N Dude)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN + LFG

A Frosty Fling

2015 Buckskin Roan, 15.2 hh
A Streak Of Fling* X PC Sun Lonita (Sun Frost*)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty + LFG

Guyz Dance For Perks

2014 Buckskin, 15.3 hh
Frenchmans Guy* X This Perks Can Dance (Dash For Perks*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 plus collection and shipping, LFG: Yes (Depending on the conditions)

Wagons West

2010 Black (Homozygous), 16.0 hh
PYC Paint Your Wagon* x De Elegant Dash (First Down Dash*)
Stallion Fee: $1200.00 CDN LFG

Crackin Hickory

1997 Bay,
Docs Hickory* X Crackin (Smart Little Lena*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

CD Jewel

1998 Sorrel,
CD Olena* X Bowmans Fancy* (Lenas Jewel Bars)
Stallion Fee: $700.00 CDN LFG

Guys Keepin The Fame

2008 Grey, 15 hh
Frenchmans Guy* X Disarray (Dash Ta Fame*)
Stallion Fee: $1100.00 CDN LFG

Sonnys Hot Rum

2004 Dun, 15 hh
Sonnys OO Buck* X Jess Ta Zansation* (Skip Zan Parr*)
Stallion Fee: $800.00 CDN LFG

BHR Light My Fire

2011 Black, 15 hh
CS Flashlight* X BHR Missy Special (Shake It Special)
Stallion Fee: $1100.00 CDN LFG

Perks French Cash

2009 Palomino, 15 hh
Frenchmans Guy* X Perks For Easy Cash (Dash For Perks*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

BF Streakin Merridoc

2006 Bay Roan, 15.1 hh
A Streak Of Fling* X Winnsboro (Merridoc*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

Tac Ta Fame

2004 Chestnut, 15.1 hh
Dash Ta Fame* X Wild Tac (Tolltac*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG (limited booking)

Im A Catolena

2007 Bay, 14.2 ½ hh
High Brow Cat* X Lenas Lucinda (Doc Olena*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 + $250.00 Chute Fee CDN LFG


2002 Sorrel, 16.1 hh
Dash Ta Fame* X Southasofia (Sail On Bunny*)
Stallion Fee: $2500.00 USD LFG + shipping

Jets Are Firen

2013 Palomino, 15.3 hh
MP Jet To The Sun* X Shes Jelin* (Alive N Firen*)
Stallion Fee: $850.00 CDN or $700.00 USD LFG

Firen It Up

2010 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Chasin Firewater* X Ms Fuel Chick (Oklahoma Fuel*)
Stallion Fee: $750.00 CAD, Chute Fee: $250.00, Negative Coggins Required LFG Launch stallion's website

Root Beers Boots

1999 Liver Chestnut, 15 hh
Root Beer Doc X Miss Bar Lacombe (Hyline Pepper)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

PC Sir Azure Frost

2001 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Sun Frost* X Bunny Bet (New Decade)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty

Perfect Possibility

1996 Sorrel, 15.1 hh
First Down Dash* X Perfect Arrangement (Easy Jet*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG + $200.00 Booking Fee Launch stallion's website


2008 Chestnut, 15 hh
Boonlight Dancer* X Snap Crackle Cluck (Gallo Del Cielo*)
Stallion Fee: $1,500.00 CDN LFG

Ninety Nine Goldmine

1997 Brown, 15.2 ½ hh
Strawfly Special* X Birds Merry (Merridoc*)
Stallion Fee: $2000.00 CDN LFG

Royale Cartel

2011 Bay, 15.1 hh
Corona Cartel* X Royalista (El Rey Burner)
Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CAD LFG

Preppies Last

2004 Bay, 15.1 hh
Preppie x Docs Go Go Express (Docs Express)
Stallion Fee: $950.00 CDN LFG

Silky Ta Fame

2015 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Dash Ta Fame x Silky French Pie (Frenchmans Guy)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG + Collection

Flaming Fire Water

2001 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Fire Water Flit x My Easter Flame (Flaming Jet)
Stallion Fee: 2018 Fee – $1,750.00 USD – AQHA 5-Panel Test N/N LFG

Debt Eliminator

2010 Sorrel, 15.3 hh
Dash Ta Fame x Luckys Moon Bug (Marthas Six Moons)
Stallion Fee: $750.00 CAD + LFG

Raisin The Moon

1999 Sorrel, 15.2 hh
Marthas Six Moons x Raise Your Joy (Raise Your Glass)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CAD/$200.00 Chute Fee + LFG

Touch Of Virtue

2001 Sorrel, 15.2 hh
This Snow Is Royal* X Mis Starting Gate (First Down Dash*)
Stallion Fee: $1200.00 CDN LFG

Tie Secret

2012 Grey, 15.1 hh
Almars Secret* X Quia Tiebee (Deans Jackie Bee)
Stallion Fee: $850.00 CDN LFG

A Streak Of Fling

1999 Red Roan, 15.0 hh
Streakin Six* X Moon Fling* (Fast Fling)
Stallion Fee: $5500.00 USD LFG + Shipping

Slick By Design

2007 Black, 15.0 hh
Designer Red* X Dreams of Blue (Dream On Dancer)
Stallion Fee: $2750.00 USD LFG

Hagans Smooth Kruzin

2015 Buckskin, 14.3 hh
A Smooth Guy* X A Natural Moon (A Natural)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

A Firewater Twist RB

2002 Buckskin, 15.3 hh
Fire Water Flit* X Bedakat (Beda Cheng*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 USD + LFG

Frenchs Hula Guy

2003 Palomino, 15.1 hh
Frenchmans Guy* X Hulla Pie (Dash Ta Fame*)
Stallion Fee: $1750.00 CAD LFG

Lethal N First

2012 Bay, 15.2 hh
First Moonflash* X A Lethal Corona (Corona Cartel*)
Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CAD LFG

Run Bully

2003 Bay, 15.2 hh
Bully Bullion* X Sail Run (Sail On Bunny*)
Stallion Fee: $950.00 CDN LFG

Royal Quik Frenchman

2004 Gray (Chestnut Base), 15.2 hh
Royal Quick Dash* X PCFrenchMansLisbet (Sun Frost*)
Stallion Fee: 1000 US plus shipping; Canadian currency accepted at par with US currency on Stallion Fee + LFG

Ivory Grips

2013 Bay, 15.1 hh
Ivory James* X Perrys Queen Bug (Mr Jess Perry*)
Stallion Fee: $850.00 CDN LFG


2012 Grey, 15.0 hh
As Good As Nick Gets* X Auntie M (Dash Ta Fame*)
Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CDN, $975.00 USD, Includes first shipment, $350.00 for additional shipments. LFG


2003 Sorrel, 15.1 ½ hh
Dash Ta Fame* X Call Me Wrangler (Rocket Wrangler*)
Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CDN LFG

Secret Zoom

2009 Bay, 15.2 hh
Shazoom* X Mexican Secret (Jody O Toole*)
Stallion Fee: $750 + $250 chute fee + GST CDN LFG

Brays Eye Full

2001 Black, 15 hh
Mr Eye Opener* X Brays First Lady (First Down Kelly)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN + GST LFG

A Classic Guy

2005 Palomino, 15.2 hh
Frenchmans Guy* X Classic Keepsake (Dash For Cash*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN LFG

BDB Iam A Tres Knud

2013 Bay, 16.0 hh
Tres Seis* X Teller Iam Knud (Teller Cartel*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN

Prime Talent SI 107

2000 Bay, 16.2 hh
Corona Cartel* X Oh How You Shine (Coup De Kas*)
Stallion Fee: $2,000.00 USD plus shipping LFG

Barely Royal SI 91

2007 Grey, 15.2 hh
Royal Shake Em* X Bare Necessities (Bugs Alive in 75*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN + GST LFG

Scrutin Beduino

2007 Brown, 15.1 hh
Scrutinizer* X Bananita (Chicks Beduino*)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty

Mac N Fame SI 99

2005 Brown, 15.2 hh
Dash Ta Fame* X Stella Lane (Lanes Leinster*)
Stallion Fee: $1500.00 CDN LFG. Considerations to proven performers and/or producers

BDB Famous Swing

2010 Sorrel, 15.2 hh
Dash Ta Fame* X Little Western Swing* (Dash For Perks*)
Stallion Fee: $1000.00 CDN

Cer Jess Be Nimble SI 96

2003 Sorrel, 15.1 hh
Mr Jess Perry X Painted Bug (Shawne Bug*)
Stallion Fee: $1500.00 CDN LFG. Considerations to proven performers and/or producers

Frenchmans Mystique

2011 Buckskin, 15.1 hh
PC Frenchman* X Frenchmans Mistee (Frenchmans Guy)
Stallion Fee: $950.00 CDN

Missin Cash Effort

2009 Black, 15.1 hh
AR Missin Cash * X Plain Effort (Plain Special)
Stallion Fee: $800.00 CDN

Guys Casanova Cowboy

2010 Palomino, 15.3 hh
Frenchmans Guy X Amber Holland (Holland Ease)
Stallion Fee: $1200.00 LFG

Firewater Canyon

2012 Gray, 15.1 hh
Firewater Flit* X Mulberry Canyon Moon (Marthas Six Moons*)
Stallion Fee: $2,500.00 USD plus shipping LFG

DDD Rare Fireonrocks

2013 Palomino, 15.0 hh
Firewaterontherocks X Rare Elmily (Rare King)
Stallion Fee: Private Treaty

XC Famous Wink 37

2014 Sorrel, 15.1 hh
Dash Ta Fame X MP Winkenatthehayman (PC Frenchmans Hayday)
Stallion Fee: $1250.00 CDN LFG