Welcome to Western Fortunes!

Founded in Canada, Western Fortunes Inc. is an incentive program made up of Stallion Owners united in the breeding of barrel racing horses.

This program is unique as it offers incentive paybacks to the Stallion Owner, the Breeder and the Owner of the Offspring.

In developing this program, we have researched other incentive programs, taking into account numbers of stallion nominations and AQHA foal registration. We also consulted with a knowledgeable group of competitors, breeders and stallion owners. While offering to broaden the incentive pay-out, we wanted to develop an incentive program completely different from anything else offered in Canada to respect what was already established.

Our objective is to limit the number of stallions nominated and to give back to the Breeders and Owners. This will influence the decisions of mare owners and buyers to breed to Western Fortunes stallions and purchase Western Fortunes offspring who are eligible for Western Fortunes Incentive money.

Western Fortunes believes in enhancing the sport nationwide and is the only incentive program in Canada that accepts stallion nominations and offspring enrolments from USA. We co-sanction events on both sides of the border and report all incentive winnings to Equistat!

Please take a few minutes to read through our program and hopefully once you’re done you will see the merit in this incentive program!

We are passionate about breeding and the barrel racing industry and will continue to work with stallion owners, offspring owners, breeders and event producers!

Make sure your riding a Western Fortunes offspring and let’s bring FORTUNE to Canada!

Western Fortunes


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