The Goods and Services Tax is a 5% fee charged by the Canadian Government on goods and services purchased in Canada.

Complete a “Foal Enrollment” form, complete it, & send it in along with your payment and a copy of the registration papers.

Send the sire and dam’s names along with the foaling date. Make sure you forward a copy of the registration papers when you receive them.

That depends on the age of the foal and if any previous payments have been made. Contact the office by email at

A weanling during the year it was foaled by December 1st of that year is a one-time fee $150 to pay in full or you can select to use the payment schedule under the rules section.

Weanlings are considered another year older on January 1st. For example, if it was foaled in May, you only have until December 1st of the year it was foaled to pay it in for the one-time weanling fee of $150.

If you can’t find your horse’s name listed it means the office doesn’t have a copy of your registration papers. Make sure you forward a copy to the office.

Always check with the WF office to see if a foal is paid into Western Fortunes Inc. before you buy. E-mail the office at and we will look it up for you.

Forward a copy of the registration papers to the office and we will update the information. Make sure that we have your current mailing address.

Breed your mare to any Western Fortunes Inc. nominated stallion and once the resulting offspring in enrolled into the program the breeder (mare owner at the time of breeding) will be automatically enrolled into the Western Fortunes Inc. program at no charge. The breeder will get a 20% pay-out for as long as the offspring wins Western Fortunes Inc. bonus money. 20% will be paid to the breeder even if the mare is no longer with you.

Fill out a “New Stallions Enrollment” application and e-mail it to

Make sure that you mark the event producer’s entry form that you are entering WF using your horse’s registered name. No nicknames! Provide the producer with a copy of your breed registration papers, showing you as the current owner and a WF Event Entry Form. When a draw is posted be sure that a WF is by your name. If there isn’t a WF by your name on the draw sheet go to the show office and make sure that they correct it and have you entered in the WF side-pot.

The Stallion owner and the Breeder’s checks are mailed 30 days after our last show. Make sure that the office has your current mailing address if you should be receiving a check.

Stallions on the Western Fortunes Inc. waiting list are not allowed to advertise in writing that they are on the waiting list. There is no guarantee that a stallion on the waiting list will come into the program. If you want a Western Fortunes Inc. foal, breed to a currently enrolled Western Fortunes Inc. stallion!

Complete the WF Event Request Form and e-mail to The Event Request Form must be received by the office the year prior to event in order to have the event approved and advertised on the website. August 1, 2019 is the event application deadline for 2020 events.

If the offspring was conceived in the year that the stallion was nominated, then the resulting foal is eligible to enrol into the program. Please refer to the “Past Stallions” list to see the year/s the sire was nominated. WF will also honor one rebreed, the following year only,  provided that the original breeding contract, stallion service payment records, and any veterinary breeding documentation is provided to the WF office along with the resulting offspring’s enrolment.