Western Fortunes Inc. is the fastest growing incentive program founded in Canada and is comprised of Stallion owners, Breeders and Offspring owners united in the breeding of barrel horses and enhancing the sport of barrel racing nationally. We co-sanction futurities, derbies and open 4D events throughout Canada and the USA.

We believe in rewarding Stallion owners, Breeders and Offspring owners by giving back! We realize that the Breeder and the Owner is what keeps the Barrel Racing industry alive! Make sure you choose a Western Fortunes Stallion and let’s bring FORTUNE to Canada!

Known as the "BREEDER'S INCENTIVE" this program pays:

➢ Breeders (owner of the mare at the time of breeding) 20%
➢ Offspring owners 50%
➢ Stallion owners 30%

Year End Awards (Based on WF Incentive Money only)

➢ Leading Breeder
➢ Leading Broodmare
➢ Leading Offspring
➢ Leading Stallion

It pays to ride a Western Fortunes’ offspring!

Western Fortunes is set to payout over $385,000 CASH to Offspring owners, Breeders and Stallion Owners plus annual Hi-Point Awards!
Starting in 2018 with $80,000 added in Incentive Money at 12 events, Western Fortunes has grown to over a $100,000 annual payout at 20+ events in Canada and the USA!

We encourage stallion owners to waitlist their stallions for FREE as this may be the only way to get into the program in the future.

About Western Fortunes