99 Goldmine

99 Goldmine

Name: Ninety Nine Goldmine
Year of Birth: 1997
Color: Brown
Height: 15.2 ½ hh
Weight: 1250 lbs
Owner: William & Donna Beierbach
Phone: (306) 299-2073
Standing At: Berry Creek Veterinary Services
Semen: Fresh, Cooled, Frozen
Incentive Eligibility: CBHI, CBHI SS, Future Fortunes, JJ Classic, Midwest CAN-AM, MN Lakes Barrel Futurity, Northern Lights Futurity, PESI, VGBRA, Western Fortunes

NINETY NINE GOLDMINE (Strawfly Special-Birds Merry, Merridoc) SI 90/AAA/Stakes Placed/Barrel Bonanza Sire of the Year/2019-2021 CBHI Sire of the Year/2018-2020, 2022-2023 Western Fortunes Leading Sr. Stallion/2021 Western Fortunes Runner-Up Leading Sr. Stallion/2022 Western Fortunes Legends Inductee/Leading Barrel Horse Sire with offspring winning barrel horses from every level including the NFR, Futurity, Derbies, WPRA, CPRA and Little Britches rodeos/Leading Broodmare Sire with the 2023 Pink Buckle high selling horse, BLACKOUT, who sold for $875,000 USD.

99 is a true outcross on most other barrel horse lines! Add to this his consistency in siring winning barrel horses from every level including the NFR, Futurity, Derbies, WPRA, CPRA and Little Britches rodeos. He passes on tremendous foot and bone along with trainability and athleticism in all his offspring! His offspring are turny and fast. An added bonus is he often throws the Rabicano gene with the coon-tail and roaning in flanks.

Sire: Strawfly Special SI 97; LTE $222,920; AAA; ROM; Progeny Earnings $22,271,101+ including Taylor Fit; two-time World Champion.

Dam: Birds Merry SI 90; dam of 10 starters and 10 winners by Merridoc SI 102; Stakes Winner; Progeny Earnings $13 million +

Stallion Fee: $2000.00 CDN LFG
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Notable Achievements:


DASH TA DA MINE – 2020 Canadian Hi-Point Futurity Horse

WAVEONTHEWAYBY – 2018 Canadian Hi-Point Futurity Horse, 2018 Western Fortunes Leading Offspring, LTE $50,000 +

RC BACK IN BLACK – 2011 NFR qualifier and winner of 3 go-rounds, 2011- 6th WPRA World Standings

WESTERN GOLDMINE – WPRA World Champion Futurity horse

RC QUICK GOLD – INFR World Champion barrel horse

KATIES MINE – 2011 Canadian Reserve Hi-Point Futurity Horse, Arena Record Holder, Futurity and Derby Champion

KRK GOLDMINE – CCA, KRCA rode finalist

RC PACKIN GOLD – CCA Finalist, Futurity, Derby finalist

RY SHADOW – JJ Classic Futurity Champ, NHSRA finalist

RC BROOKS A STREAKIN- Futurity $$ winner, placed at CFR, ANHA Shoot Out winner, SPRA rodeo winner

KRK STRAW – THE AMERICAN Semi-finalist, CCA rodeo winner, Reserve Champion CCA finals

HOPESALLIGOT – BRN4D finals go-round win, multiple WPRA placings, THE AMERICAN Semi-finalist

PRINCESS GOLDMINE- Reserve Champion Tod Stiles Memorial

HAMMERIN GOLD – NBHA District champion, won 5 rodeos in a row in MN

PEPINIC GOLDMINE – SBRA Barrel Bonanza Champion

MIGHTY FINE GOLDMINE – Multiple Futurity short go’s including Fizz Bomb and Copper Springs

MONEY FLASHER – 1D money winner, College rodeo $$ winner

BENANNA GOLDSTREAKER – multiple 1D wins in MN

NINETY NINE POPPIES – Hi Point Youth Saddle winner

And the list goes on………



2022 Pending-Sheza Crackin Kitty
2021 Pending-Holy Snapin Crackin
2021 Pending-Tazs Spooky
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